Eluceo provides an application, iShine, that enables the registered user to manage their career path.

An aspect of the application are Goals that enable you to acheive a variety of objectives in the process of managing your career. These goals are designed to address different aspects of the path to a career and the ongoing development of that career.

You can access iShine through the browser; it is also available as a mobile application.

This application will ask you about yourself and your education to be able to identify appropriate roles that you might like together with the education needed to achieve a role. You can then enter your experience and subsequent courses to inform your skills. The application supports the role with suitable online courses and local vacancies.

The application includes search tools to find online courses, college courses, university courses, local jobs, roles and universities.

You can then use goals to help manage the development of your career. Each goal is then broken down into a set of sequential tasks.


In addition, Eluceo provides information on the education in the UK, from Key Stage 1 through to University, including the growing online resources such as courses. This includes the latest News and Blogs.

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