Who do you want to be?

iShine helps you take control of your future by offering a unique way to plan, track and manage your career. Using the latest Labour Market Information, iShine takes the risk out of rethinking career plans giving you confidence to work towards your passions.

Discover your top in-demand employability skills and get inspired to improve these even further with short-term, actionable goals. As a personal touch, our latest AI technology can even identify what specific skills you need to develop for your chosen career, as well as where and how.

Whether you’re thinking of changing career, have recently been made redundant, are looking for your first job, or are coming back to the workplace after a career break, iShine will help you navigate the complex careers landscape and thrive in the workplace.

Get started for free:

Your Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • Explore how additional qualifications will affect your skills, knowledge and abilities.
  • Understand your work styles - your personal characteristics in the work place that help you perform to the best of your abilities.
  • Recognise where there’s room for improvement.

What If?

  • Discover your top in-demand employability skills.
  • Identify alternative careers based on these qualifications.

Career Ideas

  • Discover what careers you can apply for today.
  • Identify dream careers to work towards.

Career Information

Find out more about specific careers, including:

  • The skills and knowledge you need.
  • The opportunities in your local area.
  • How your skills match the career requirements.
  • Future career prospects.

Skills Development

  • Understand what skills and knowledge you need to enter into a career.
  • Identify how and where you can gain these skills.

Career Goals

  • Set and work towards career goals via actionable micro-steps.

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