A summary of the features provided by the Eluceo iShine application, designed to support people's careers, using the mobile implementation as a model.

Your Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • Explore how additional qualifications will affect your skills, knowledge and abilities.
  • Understand your work styles - your personal characteristics in the work place that help you perform to the best of your abilities.
  • Recognise where there‚Äôs room for improvement.

What If?

  • Discover your top in-demand employability skills.
  • Identify alternative careers based on these qualifications.

Career Ideas

  • Discover what careers you can apply for today.
  • Identify dream careers to work towards.

Career Information

Find out more about specific careers, including:

  • The skills and knowledge you need.
  • The opportunities in your local area.
  • How your skills match the career requirements.
  • Future career prospects.

Skills Development

  • Understand what skills and knowledge you need to enter into a career.
  • Identify how and where you can gain these skills.

Career Goals

  • Set and work towards career goals via actionable micro-steps.

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